Absoulute Power

Infinite AR - Episode 33379

Jim took the wand to school the next day. He use the wand to turn his clothing into all black coat, pants and shirt with gold trims and a crown. They looked at the young man like he was a mad man. In his first block he fell asleep the whole class. His teacher gave him a pop quiz hoping he will fail. So he decide to use his wand to create all the answer.

After that he went to his second block. He saw his favorite teacher, one of the hottest. He shot her with the wand and turned her clothing into the sexiest clothing he can think. He also fatten her ass.

He then went to lunch and turned that place into a pizza and weed party. Then the cops came, This is were shit just get crazy. Jim shot a beam into one officer head and blew it up. At first he felt bad...But then he realize he that nigga now. He then start killing everyone with lighting like he Cole from infamous. He then flew away from his school and went to were Miley Cyrus house and gave her a ass. He then recorded her twerking.

Jim then went into space to see the planet. He smiled and then blasted the moon until it looked like his face. He then flew back to earth and decide to do something good...He blew up Chicago because that place is beyond saving. He then flew to the white house and walk into the bitch smoking a dutch and eat deer meat. He found the president and said "Whats good Barack, Get out my office."

Obama then caught feeling like a bitch so Jim just sent that guy to 1753 on a slave ship like a ass hole.

  1. What did jim do next?
  2. Jim grew borded and restarted his day.
  3. Jim full the white hous with all his friends and beautiful women...and coke, Lots of coke

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2/2/2014 7:11:25 PM

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