Play Along Like a Good Boy

Infinite AR - Episode 33325

You decide to just play along for now, and see what happens. After all, how often does a guy get a chance like this?

You smile up at her, cooing and giggling as she pulls open your diaper, leaving you completely naked while you savor the view of those gorgeous bossoms. Then, lifting up your legs, she begins wiping your messy bottom off. This actually feels WONDERFUL! You soon begin suckling your thumb, while imagining its her your suckling from. Next, she starts on the front, and you close your eyes, sighing with delight as this beautiful teen wipes your bare crotch.

"My, my," she says, " Baby is so messy! Maybe I should just give Babykins a bath!"

That's fine by you!

She lifts your naked little body up, carrying you into the bathroom on her hip, wear she begins running the bath. once it is full, she lowers your tiny body down into the warm, shallow, water.

"I'd better take these off, for now," she says, grinning at you. Then, to your very pleasant surprise, she begins stripping down to her bra and panties!

'Wow, this just keeps getting better!'

"That's right," she coos, standing before you in just her underwear, "I'm gonna wash you off all nice and clean!"

Over the next several minutes, you enjoy being bathed by your beautiful,babysitter, as she washes your little body from head to toe, even up in your bottom. You delight in her caring, little hands as she washes your crotch.

"Such cute baby boy parts!" She cooes. You blush bright red, at least wishing this part of you hadn't shrunk If only you could get her to relieve you of the adult pressure inside.

Soon, she lifts you out, dries you off, and begins diapering you, a process that proves to be every bit as enjoyable as the bath. Finally, she lays you to rest in your crib, suckling on your bottle. As you suckle it, you imagine it is her, and can't wait till she baby sits you again.

Then, a strange thought occurs to you: this must be because of that wish you made. Not exactly what you had in mind, but nice, none the less. Or maybe this is all just a dream....

Once finished with your bottle, you roll onto your stomach, rubbing yourself off in your diaper as you visualize your sexy babysitter I her underwear, giving you a bath.

  1. Alas, it Was All Just a Wonderful Wet Dream
  2. You Awake, Still In Diapers

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