New clothes but not what expected though.

Infinite AR - Episode 33291

Jim and the person in his body walk into the clothes shop and walk over to the boy's area. Just as Jim was going to pull a pair of pants off the rack closest to his new hight, the being in his body walk over to the baby boy area then back to him with a pack of size 5 diapers and other thing that are needed to diaper a baby (wipes, powder, rash cream, ect.), and says "Sorry little man, but when I put you into that body after making in young again.....well that body will start to loss control of bowls and bladder movement soon. So I need to diaper you before that happens. Will you let me or do we need to wait for the inevitable to happen?!" The being raises an eyebrow in question at him. "Um okey, if you think it is needed. I will go along with it for now." Jim says nervously moving from one foot to the other. Unknown to Jim the being in his body was getting turned on by just how cute Jim was acting in his new body. If one was to look they would see Jim's body reacting to the thoughts of f***king Jim's new body with his old one in the middle of a diaper change. Jim would be very scared and worried if he saw how his old body was reacting, since he had never had thoughts like that before in his life. The being takes Jim and the baby diapering stuff to a bathroom [after paying for said diaper stuffs] and puts Jim on the changing table straps him to it. Then pull out a pacifier and puts it in Jim's mouth. Then opens the tub of baby wipes up taking three out, and wiping Jim's diaper area clean. (Starting with his penus and making Jim hard, then doing his but-hole.) The being then put a clean diaper under his but. Next came the rash cream being put on Jim's but and around his but-hole. After that was the baby powder onto Jim's penus, with the diaper frunt being pulled up between his legs and fastened tightly with the tapes. .................. ................ Tbc maybe?!

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