Buck toothed Clardilla

Infinite AR - Episode 331

Well now you've done it, Jim. The machine goes crazy from you pressing all those buttons and it's like almost the only thing the machine knows to do right in the entire sequence is turn Jim into a girl, which it does, but the program is so sloppy and confused on everything else that instead of producing a pretty little flower out comes tumbling an ugly old weed.

Jim's a girl all right but still five years old and now as ugly as sin, and there on her lime green and red striped dress is her name stenciled in big yellow letters which read ''Claudilla.''

She's a bit chubby for her age and freckle faced and has curly red hair clumped up in bunches like it hasn't been combed or brushed since the day she was born. She's got crooked buck teeth and nasty scabs on her elbows and knees and even a wart on the side of her chin.

The machine's conveyor belt emptied her out on a little cushion facing a wall mirror so the newly transformed person could see her new self.

''I'm... I'm.... I'm.... Hug-leee!'' she croaked purshing her lips and pressing her fingers to the side of her chubby cheeks.

Now what, oh mirror cracker Claudilla formerly known as Jim?

  1. Run out of there screaming
  2. Use your ugliness to distract the gangsters and kick them in the shin and run away
  3. Say,''Well, at least I'm a girl.''

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Cleo Kraft

11/16/2005 11:49:51 AM

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