eternal youth

Infinite AR - Episode 32908

jim blacked out as soon as he touched the magical device, he woke up a while later he looked around and saw wooden bars all around it was clear he was in a crib and by the feeling around his waist he was also in a diaper.although the diaper was wet and he had a feeling it may be dirty as well it felt soft and warm. then he looked down and saw two fleshy orbs, jim was now jamie and even more she was jamie the eternal adult baby.

she looked around the entire room looked like one massive nursery, there was the crib she was in a changing table loads of soft toys a baby monitor above her head, and most importunely a massive, and full diaper pail. jamie looked around and out the window the crib rested under everything was fine out there. the sun was shining the birds were flying off she saw other houses in the neiborhood and some people walking around her house. she saw some of then looking up at her and waved, those she saw cheered to each other and swooned at the attention.

jamie wasn't sure but she thought for sure one squatted down a bit and blushed. then she heard footsteps she turned around and saw a woman reaching in and garbing the diaper pail, she looked up at jamie and said "oh my her highness is awake..." the woman put down the diaper pail and went up to jamie "i'm sorry your highness i didn't mean to wake you..." the woman bent down and bowed. jamie looked at her a bit then tried to speak "bba agghh haa..." the woman went red in the face then swooned "oh your highness that's adorable <3" she garbed for jamie and pulled her into a warm hug.

  1. her highness jamie has a crowd of adoring people to get to
  2. "maybe if i change her highness she might promote me..."
  3. "your highness... i need a change"
  4. SE
  5. jamie continues on her day.

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