Old Father Time

Infinite AR - Episode 32905

This didn't seem right to Jim. He shook his head, attempting to clear his head and find what was so odd about this situation.

"Is something wrong?" Reyna asked innocently.

"It's nothing," Jim said, "It just doesn't make sense to me."

Reyna smiled sweetly and touched his hand, "Let me help you." She said.

Jim looked in her eyes and saw a little circle of night at the center of a sunset. It was at once purple, golden, red, and even at times green with one little dot of black at the center. It all made sense. Money doesn't matter to these people. They were generous, and charitable. He almost began to suspect that they might be more than people, but the thought was lost in Reyna's eyes.

"I see now," he said, "Forgive me."

"There is nothing to forgive, James." she smiled again, "Now tell me what you'd like, and it's yours for as long as it will have you."

Jim thought for a moment, before sying clearly and with decision, "Let me have the Dragon statue."

"Old Father Time is glad to be chosen. He will offer you one leap through the boundaries of time itself." she said as she gently lifted the statue from it's place and laid it gently in Jim's hands, "But be warned,wherever you ask him to go, he will take you with him. You are limited to the stretch of your own life, and you will take the place of your former or future self wherever you go."

"You sound as though you've said this before. I'm not first, am I?"

"My sister loved an elf prince once. He returned her affection, and this was deemed the highest blasphemy. He was imprisoned for a thousand years. She wanted to meet him there and took up the statue. As Father Time sprang to life and carried her forth one thousand years, we heard a terrible scream. She turned to naught but bones and the bones fell to dust."

"I'm sorry," Jim said

"Do not be. She goes to the gardens of the mighty Gondra to be with my mother and my mother's mother. She will be at peace until her prince comes to find her at the fountain of lost love." Reyna said, "Be wise with the old Father's power."

"I will be," he said, "in fact I've already decided."

"What shall you do?" she asked

  1. "I shall go forth and see the world as it will be. I wish to see what is in store for us."
  2. "I'll go back, start anew. There are many things that I would put right, and I know just the place to start from."

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