Infinite AR - Episode 32904

It was an odd sort of place, the outer wall was entirely wood with two large windows either side of a large wooden red door. Above the door was a sign made from broken glass all laid flat in once wet concrete, with the red chips arranged to spell "Long Forgotten Somethings". Jim had wondered about it for a while now. He'd never really paid any serious mind to it, but there it sat for so long, so warm and inviting. In the window he could see small, beautiful sculptures of strange fantastic creatures. There was a silver dragon with bright orange eyes. There was a black horse with eight legs and two sets of wings, all of which seemed perfectly proportioned to the rest of its body. Jim stepped inside, hitting a little bell that hung above the doorframe. Suddenly a young woman with long hair and a flawless face came up to him. She looked like a princess out of a storybook, her golden locks hanging about her fair face and her sparkling eyes. No matter how long he looked, Jim could not discern the color of those eyes. She wore a long flowing green dress and seemed oddly out of place in this shop. "My name is Reyna," she said in a smooth flowing voice, "is there anything I can help you with?" Jim felt quite uncomfortable now. Why did he come in again? He didn't really have the money for any of the items he saw. Reyna gave an understanding smile, "We don't deal in money here." "Pardon?" Jim said. "We are a charitable people here. Evrything here that you may desire is yours already." He thought for a minute looking around the strange little shop. "What do you have?" he asked

  1. The silver dragon that we keep in the window is old father time. Choose this and you can bend time to your will, but only once, so I'd advise caution.
  2. The black horse is the dream shape. Upon touching the statue it will change your form forever. Some men become animals of burden, others become birds and fly to friendlier skies. I wonder what it would make of you.
  3. This baubel here is the tear of a long dead Goddess. She watched over the women of the world, and taught young wives to bear children. You seem as though you'd make an excellent mother.
  4. There is pedastal that allows any who stand on it to become forever young and beautiful. A thing to be adored for years to come.

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