Little Brother Big Sister.

Infinite AR - Episode 3282

Kati then suddenly rushes Jim and jumps hugging Jim's legs. Jim suddenly loses balance. At the surprise of shock Jim pulls the trigger and the ray shoots at the light fixture reflecting back making Jim younger till he falls. Jim reaches back to catch himself as he falls landing on the gun, and then with a flash of light everything has seemed to change. Kati was no longer wearing a dress, although she appeared to be the same size. Jim looked at himself in the Mirror. What he saw was a complete shock, he had no idea his device could've done this. Jim now realizing he is a six year old girl in a denim skirt and a purple shirt. Kati still about 2 wearing training pants under bib overalls without a shirt. Jim lifts up his skirt and looks down sure enough pink panties with purple butterflies and definitely no sign of boyhood. Suddenly Kati runs behind her quickly undoing his snaps in front, ready to jump up and sit on the toilet. By the time he gets one snap undone Kati wets his training pants. Kati finishes unsnapping the second button and drops his overalls to the floor exposing the sagging Huggies Pull-Up, with Buzz light year. Jim always had some extra supplies just in case while making his device something went wrong and he needed kiddie clothes until he got back to normal. Jim quickly grabs Kati while rushing to her closet to grab more pull-ups. Jim tears open the right package, some baby wipes and then pulls down kati's pull-ups. She cleans him up from the urine, Kati being a quite uncomfortable about the whole thing and a little embarrassed pulled back up the wet pull-up grabbed a fresh one and ran off back toward the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Obvious enough he was studying himself. Awhile later came back out wearing the fresh pull-up with a bit of a tear in his eyes, due to the whole exposure and realization that she is now a he a boy. Jim waiting outside of the door gives a big hug of comfort, relating to him in a calm manner, just the way a girl would comfort a small child.

  1. Mommy's home
  2. Jim attempts to fix the device

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bedwetter iggy

11/5/2007 3:16:59 AM

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