A Kid Sister

Infinite AR - Episode 3280

The light engulfed Kati as she began to shrink down, hair covering her body. A tail began jutting out the back of her jeans as her face seemed to elongate. She fell forward, landing on hands, which quickly became hooves. A small pair of horns began to jut from the top of her head, She shook a bit, her jeans and shirt beginning to slip off of her body. Jim stared at Kati, who was now a young goat. 'I didn't know this could do that.' He began looking over the device, only to find that there was no explicit species change option. This meant that Jim couldn't change his sister back with this device.

  1. Jim leaves Kati in the room try to build an invention that would change her back
  2. Jim decides to de-age Kati further
  3. Jim calls to donate Kati to a petting zoo

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3/11/2007 7:22:13 PM

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