Doomed by the diaper

Infinite AR - Episode 32480

While attempting to ascend the slick sides of the funky diaper pail, Elena slips and quickly finds herself halfway being consumed by a waterlogged soggy diaper.The diaper was like a bloated sealed carnivorous pitcher plant, except this thing was filled to the brim and taped nice and tightly. She screamed to Megan for help as she tried to push herself free from this soggy thing, but her hands simply compress into her soggy slick plastic prison. The diaper seemed to be mocking her with its undying hold on her as she struggled. Megan turned around quickly and tried with all her might to pull her out of the vice like grip white soggy thing, but all she succeeded in doing was sealing her fate. The diapers weight slowly shifted and tumbled down to the bottom of the diaper pail. During this process Elena began to scream louder in horror as she realized a simple soggy babies diaper was going to be her end. As she neared the bottom of the pail the diapers grip became loose and gave her a sense of hope which was suddenly destroyed as she she found herself flung into the center of the diaper. The diaper landed with a "SPLOOSH" as its soggy mass began to finally settle with its new prize. In the center Elena was crying and punching her padded waterlogged prison uselessly as the diaper simply absorbed her attacks. She soon realized she could do nothing to the diaper to free herself as she slowly felt the diaper compress her into its mass slower, slower, and slower under its own weight. Elena never could escape her prison and the diaper ended up absorbing her like she was nothing more but pee in a diaper. In the after life her soul was stuck for ever in that cursed soggy prison. forever to compress her underneath its squishyness. Without Elena's help to scale the diaper pail Megan fell also to the same fate.

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10/14/2016 2:54:48 AM

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