Close Call

Infinite AR - Episode 32474

When they turned around, they were almost stepped on by a nanny, which would be taking care of Megan's two baby brothers. "That was close..." Elena said, feeling slightly scared after that experience. "I know. But I think I have an idea. C'mon," with that, Megan went into the room. Elena just sighed before following her close by. The nanny, whose name is Jennifer Hill, was checking the babies's diapers. "Wow, you two didn't make a wee wee in your diaper. Good boys," she said as she carried one of them. Meanwhile, Megan and Elena was now behind one of the crib's legs, hoping to avoid being stepped on since they were very small in size. Tehy looked up to see that Jennifer was placing Edward into the crib for his nap, which makes things a little easier. "Let's try the changing table to get her attention," Elena suggested as Megan nodded. They then headed to the table before noticing that it was very high up. "How in the world are we going to get up there?" Elena asked. Megan scanned her surroundings before noticing that the curtain was nearby, which Megan thought about climbing it. She looked up to see that the table and the curtain was touching each other, which she figured that it would be the perfect way to get on to the changing table. "Hey, Elena, let's try climbing the curtain," Megan suggested as she jumped up to grab hold onto it. Elena just sighed before following her friend's suggestion. It wasn't long when they were now on top of the changing table. They noticed that there were a pile of clean diapers, baby powder, a changing mat and some baby wipes on the table. "I hope the nanny could hear us," Megan said before heading towards the edge of the table. When she looked down, it was a very long drop to the floor. She knew that once she fell, she wouldn't survive it, so she needed to be careful of where she stepped. Elena went to looked around the table when she reached the other side of it. She looked down to see the giant diaper pail which was filled with dirty diapers. She also spotted a couple of opened diapers down there, and from the looks of it, it had brown stains and the padding is facing upwards. She dreaded if she ever fallen into the diaper pail, since it stunk really badly, even from the distance between her and the pail. Megan walked up to Elena before tapping her shoulder, which started her, almost loosing her footing. "Don't scare me like that," Elena complained. "Sorry, but look," Megan said a she pointed towards the direction which was across the diaper pail towards the walking nanny. She was heading towards the changing table. "Over here!" Elena called out. But she wasn't careful enough as she loose her footing. Megan noticed this before grabbing her wrist in time. "Hang on!" Megan called out as she was slipping. "I don't want to die!" Elena screamed out. "You won't caused it will be much worse than that!" Megan exclaimed. Suddenly, Megan lost her grip on Elena as she saw her falling downwards, into the diaper pail. Megan regretted about tossing the diaper into the diaper pail without rolling it up. As she looked down, Elena landed into the opened diaper with a sickening squished. Megan doesn't have a choice, as she needed to get Elena back to her normal size too. So she held her breath before jumping into the diaper pail, leg first. It was a 30 seconds drop into the pail as Megan landed into the messy diaper with a squish. Her bottom was now covered in his brother's waste as she got out of it. "Great. Falling into the diaper pail is the most disgusting thing ever!" Elena exclaimed as she cover her nose from the smell. Megan did the same as the air stunk of dirty diapers. "C'mon, let's get out of here," with that, they tried to climb the plastic around them, towards the opening.

  1. Can't, the plastic is too smooth.
  2. A dirty diaper fell on top of them, pinning them.
  3. They are able to climb up the plastic bag.
  4. The lid was closed suddenly.
  5. Didn't notice a hole before falling into it.

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