Shrinking Down To Size

Infinite AR - Episode 32473

Elena was examining the shrink ray when she accidentally pressed the trigger. The beam shot was later shot at both of them, which the gun itself began to shrink as well as she and Megan to a height of 1 inch. "What did you do?" Megan asked as she looked at the now shrunken shrink ray. "I... I was just admiring it when I kinda sorta pressed the trigger..." Elena replied, tapping her fingers together as Megan sighed. "Great, now what are we going to do? The shrink only shrinks things stuffs. I don't know how to change us back to normal," Megan replied while making sure the gun is securely fasten to her jeans. "Can't we wait till your dad gets back?" Elena asked. "He won't be back for a couple of weeks," Megan replied with a sighed. "So, what now?" Elena asked. "Now, we need to find a way to survive the two weeks before my dad gets back," Megan replied as they headed to Megan's bedroom. But they needed to passed the room which Megan's brothers were at. While they were headed walking towards the bedroom, they heard some footsteps coming from behind them.

  1. It's the Nanny
  2. It's one of Megan's Brothers

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