From mothers to older sisters

Infinite AR - Episode 3212

"Mark found it on E-Bay and got a great deal for it", smiled Julie.

"Has David said his first word yet?", asked Heather.

"He said 'Dada' yesterday. I wished he said Mama though", replied Julie.

Little Josie got hold of the gun before David could grab it. She was teething and it looked good enough to chew on. Josie smiled as the gun was soothing her aching gums. Drool was starting to cover the gun. But every so often the gun went off in the direction of thier mommys.

Slowly but surely, both Julie and Heather were going back in age. They went from their early twenties to their late teens. The clothes they were wearing changed with them.

"Have you decided where you're going after we graduate?", asked 17 year old Heather, she was wearing a short pleated skirt and tank top.

"No,I might just go to the community college to save money" Little Josie was still happly chewing on the gun. And Julie and Heather were still going backwards in time.

"So did you go all the way with Tommy?", asked 14 year old Julie, curious how far Heather went on her date.

"Don't tell my parents, but yea. It was better than doing it yourself, though it did hurt some when my hymen ripped.", replied Heather.

The gun went off again. Heather's hymen reformed making her a virgin again.

"I was able to orgasm last night, it was great", smiled 13 year old Julie getting in the details on how it felt.

"Really, I wish I could feel it, I have tried many times", sighed 13 year old Heather.

"I could help you", smiled Julie feeling a little randy.

"Really, what if your parents catch us?" "Don't be a fraidy cat," said Julie as she guided Heather to the floor.

Julie began to remove Heathers clothes as well of hers. Soon, both girls were naked on the floor. Julie began to show Heather what she did to reach orgasm. It did not take long for both of them to heavy into fondling each other. Josie did not care as she she still chewing of the gun. David was busy playing with some blocks to care what his older sister was doing with Josie's sister. Heather moaned out in a orgasm just as the gun went off again.

"That felt really good, but my mom says that only dirty girls play with themselves", said 12 year old Heather, feeling a little ashamed of what she just did.

The gun went off again twice.

"Hey want to pretend to be babies?", asked 10 year old Julie.

"Sure why not" replied Heather, her nipples were a little sore. Her mom said that it was a sign of puberty.

Julie grabbed two diapers. Josie was still causing the gun to go off. Julie diapered Heather and let Heather diaper her.

"This feels kinda weird", says 8 year old Heather rubbing the diaper she was now wearing.

"I know, but it is warm" ,smiled Julie. "Come on I got a couple of my baby brothers bottles filled with juice.", giving one to Heather.

Both girls giggled at themselves, wearing diapers and sucking on bottles.

By the time Josie got tired of chewing on the gun, both Julie and Heather had become kindergartners.

"Julie I gota go potty", Heather feeling the pressure build in her bladder.

"Use the diaper silly"

"But diapers for babies"

"We pretending be babies, your mommy will never know"

The pressure was too much and Heather relieved herself in the diaper. The warm feeling was spreading in her crotch and it felt good as well as the relief from the pressure.

"We better change before our mommies catch us wearing diapers", said Julie pulling her diaper off.

"Ewww, mines icky", said Heather as she pulled off the wet diaper.

"Here use baby wipes, mommmy always use them on Davey", said Julie.

Heather cleaned herself up. Julie was begining to get dressed in her sundress and disney princess panties.

  1. Their mothers had spied the girls wearing diapers
  2. Julie spots the gun by Josie
  3. Josie and David need their diapers changed
  4. The gun shorts out from all the drool
  5. SE

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