David and Josie go to their wombs

Infinite AR - Episode 3210

"He bought it at the new baby store in the mall"

Little David curiously picked up the gun laying near him. His baby instincts took over and he brought it up to his mostly toothless mouth.

Joise crawled over to David. The gun was begining to get covered with drool.

"I wish Kevin would do that for me?", sighed Heather, jealious of Julie.

"Here, you can buy one on discount", smiled Julie giving Heather a sales paper from the store.

The end of the gun was now pointed at the mirror on the closet. At the sametime one of David's few baby teeth catch the the trigger of the gun. The beam hits the mirror and returns hitting both Josie and David on the floor. In a flash, both David and Josie disappeared from where they were on the floor. The drool covered gun fell to the floor.

"I think my baby just kick", said Julie grabbing her extended stomach.

"Do you know the sex yet?", asked Heather rubbing her own pregnant belly.

"I'm having a boy. You?"

"I'm having a girl. Though I do find it strange that we got pregnant around the sametime."

The drool caused the gun to leak some of its rejuvenating engery. Heather's and Julie's bellies went from 9 months to 4 months.

"I hope I'm having a girl, I so want to dress her up and do other mother daugher stuff.", said Heather rubbing her barely extended stomach.

"Mark seems to think were having a boy", said Julie rubbing her stomach.

"Hey what's this", asks Heather as she spots the gun on the floor.

"Don't know, maybe Mark bought it at the store for the baby"

"It does not look like anything for a baby to have. Ewww, it's covered in some wet sticky stuff.", said Heather holding the wet gun in her hands.

Just then....

  1. Heather drops the gun and it goes off, hitting both of them
  2. Their husbands arrive
  3. The gun starts to affect Julie
  4. The gun starts to affect Heather
  5. SE

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