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Infinite AR - Episode 318

Hearing the door swing open, Jim looked up and found himself locking eyes with an adult Joella. She was fairly tall, at least from his perspective, and wads far more curvaceous than he was expecting. She was so stunning in fact, that, if he was an adult still, Jim would've probably tripped over his words trying to flirt with her.

"You are so adorable." Joella grinned, crouching down in front of the chamber door, "But do you know what, I think we can do better. I've always wondered what the feeling of having a little one kicking inside me feels like. So what do you say, I won't do it if you say no."

"Sure, why not," Jim said in his little boy voice, "It's not like i'm really in a position to say no anyway."

Returning to the controls, Joella typed in some commands before stepping back and letting the machine do it's work. At first, Jim just felt funny, but he quickly noticed that he was once again rapidly shrinking in size, his clothing slipping off him. At the last moment he could think clearly, Jim estimated that he must have been around 2 years old. Several seconds later, his form seemed to dissolve away into nothing.

At that same moment, Joella let out a gasp of delight as her belly ballooned outwards. It briefly peaked out at a 9 month look, before shrinking back to nothing again and then staying there. Rubbing her belly happily, Joella delighted in the idea that she would be a parent in 9 months time, as the machine was programmed in such a way as never to 'kill' anyone.

  1. Jump forward to a few months into pregnancy.
  2. Jump forward to Jim's birth.
  3. Jump forward to Jim at 5 years old
  4. Jump forward to adult Jim.
  5. Jump forward to the birth of 'Jamie', as Jim has somehow become a girl.

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