Jim's mom becomes more "Faun"!

Infinite AR - Episode 31778

"No!" Jim told his 12-year-old mom "I'm a good man. Maybe making you younger will get rid of these nasty thoughts you have!" So he used the device again, making his mom 6. Jim thought this would work, but then things took an unexpected turn - she got more freckles on her face, her hair blonde hair got longer, going past her bottom, her lower half from her waist down became covered in thick, blonde hair, she grew a stubby goat's tail, her legs became reverse-jointed ending in black cloven hooves, her ears stretched out into goat ears, being covered in the same blonde hair, she grew a pair of goat horns, curling around her ears, her nose flattened out into a goat nose, her upper lip split down the middle, and her pupils became rectangle-shaped like a goat's! A set of panpipes appeared in her hands. Jim's mom looked at herself, and smiled. "Thank you so much Jim!" "It wasn't supposed to do that!" Jim told her "I think there's a glitch in the machine!" "Who cares?" Jim's mom asked smiling playfully "I know I don't - in fact, I want to stay like this!" At that, she hugged Jim around the legs, and he noticed she was trying to take off his pants! "What are you doing?!" Jim asked, more worried. "I want you sooo baaaad right now!" she happily bleated. "Even if I wanted to," he protested "you're way too small!" "Do I look like I care?" she asked smiling "Well, it's okay. I'm going to play some music now. Maybe then you'll want to do it." and with that, she danced upstairs playing her panpipes all the way. Things had really gotten out-of-hand now - Jim's mom was now a 6-year-old fawn girl, and she wanted him now more than ever! What now?

  1. Jim' mom figures out she can play her pipes to make others into faun kids like her!
  2. Jim tries to fix the device, but his mom stops him.
  3. Jim's sister shows up.
  4. Jim's dad shows up.
  5. Jim's mom is now smart enough to make a ray-gun to turn everyone into faun kids like her!

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