goodbay mom, Hello Kitty

Infinite AR - Episode 31777

Jim tells his now teenage mother that he would like to have sex with her and then remove the memories form their minds. "Good, now lets get started I feel really horny right now and you look great." Before Jim could answer she took him by the hand and lead them to the master bedroom. "Wait why in here, these is where you and Dad.. you know." asked Jim. "Who, oh right your father, while to be honest we have not been intimate in a long time so this bed needs to see some action." "Now then lets see what you got." She says as she takes off his shirt. "You a great body for a teenager I never understood why you didn't have any girlfriends." She told Jim. She then unbutton his pants and pulled them off leaving Jim nude in front of his horny teenage mother. "Now that is what I am after" she said as she looked at his penis. "Now lets get thinks started." She told Jim as she walked up to him. She started to give him a hand job while kissing him deeply. Jim was feeling dizzy and his memories about his mom where getting fuzzy. "Mom I think we should stop I feel weird," he tells her. "That is called an orgasm and didn't Mom it sounds to formal and strange." she tells him. "Call me Kitty," she told him "Kitty?" Jim ask. "Meow" as she smiles and drops to her knees. "I have not had one of these in a long time." She tells him as she starts to place his penis in her mouth. Jim tries to stop her but she hit with a strong wave of passion as his mother gives him his first taste of oral pleasure. He final orgasm in his mother mouth and watched as she swallowed his cum. "I forgot how this stuff tasted, so warm." she told Jim. She climb into the bed and opened her legs to exposed her pussy to Jim. "Now it is your turn lover." She told Jim. Jim looked at Kitty as the beautiful sex kitten she was as he placed his mouth on her vagina and oral pleasure her deeply. She moan with pleasure with each stroke of Jim's tongue and in her mind the memories of Jim her son were disappearing and memories of Jim her lover started to emerge. When Jim finish he looked up into the eyes of Kitty and could see that his loving mother was gone and all that was left was a young horny girl ready for him to please her. "Jim I be wanting you for a long time and I want you be my first." she tells Jim. Jim fully did not understand what she was saying because he wanted here too. He climbs on top of her and feels himself enter her virgin pussy. She moan first with pain then finished with pleasure. They make love for a long time until they can't go anymore they lay there and go to sleep. AS he sleeps his memories of his mother changes, She left when he was little and he never saw her again. His father became distant and difficult to talk too. He remembers when he first saw Kitty at school and felt a longing they were meant to be together. The next morning Jim wakes up and checks to see if Kitty is still there she is but something is different.

  1. She has return to her original age
  2. they both have gotten older
  3. She has gotten younger
  4. He has gotten older
  5. she is pregnant

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