Mom then, girlfriend now

Infinite AR - Episode 31776

Jim worked on a mind altering device for is mom to forget that they where mother and son. With each passing moment he thought of what it would be like to be with his mother. He started to see her her as his girlfriend and not his mother. The device would change her thoughts to make her believe they where in a relationship from school and not mother and son. Jim with each passing moment saw is mother as a beautiful girl that wanted him as her own and not as her son. He wanted to please her as a lover and not as a son so he finished his device in a short time. He saw that she was in the shower washing and trying to forget that she felt something towards Jim from earlier. He saw her from the brake in the door and could see her young ample shape between the crack of the bathroom door. He set the device for age 12, aimed for her and pressed the button. In an instant everything passed 12 years of age was erased from her memory and only 12 year old horny girl remained. He walked into the shower to meet his new girlfriend as she was washing off. She turned around to meet him as he enter the shower behind her. she was surprised and turned on by his now nude body. "How is the water?" he ask her. "Better now that you are here." she answers. "Jim, I want you so bad right now and that your family is not home right now, I want to pleasure you like a good girlfriend should." Jim no longer saw her as his mother but as his horny girlfriend ready to have sex with him. For the next hour they made sweet love in his house. While in the shower he felt every inch of her body and tastes her warm passion as a young woman. Her breast where small but firms as he lick and tasted them as only a lover could. With each thrust of his cock he saw her more as his girlfriend in heat and less as his mother. After climaxing in the shower she took him to the master bed room where in another life she spent many of lonely nights as a single mother. Now she was a young lioness ready to please her man and feel good one more time. Jim had sex with his teenager mother until she could not continue and laid there as he watched her sleep thinking that he could never go back to the life he had before. As he stayed there someone came in.

  1. her best freind laura
  2. his grilfriend
  3. his sister
  4. his aunt
  5. his grandmother

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4/16/2014 2:36:24 AM

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