Frank's Mo-er, Girlfriend

Infinite AR - Episode 31743

Frank's regressed mother stepped out of the ladies restroom and Jim was stunned at how beautiful she looked. She had red hair that went down one side of her face, her dress was blue and glittered. She motioned for Frank to come closer to her which he did and she then kissed him on the lips. "Hello, you must be my Frank's friend Jim." Frank's regressed mother greeted. Jim couldn't say anything and just babbled. Jessica rolled his eyes and spoke for him. "Yes he is, and I'M his girlfriend Jessica." Jessica said sounding a little protective of that title. "Glad to meet you Jessica, I'm Charlotte. Why don't you and I get to know each other a little better while we wait for the movie to start and let the boys talk?" Charlotte asked Jessica. "That actually sounds like a good idea." Jessica quickly kissed Jim on the lips. "Be right back." Jessica said as she walked from his side. Charlotte kissed Frank on his lips as well and they both went to talk with each other for a while. "Can you believe that only this morning those two were our mothers?" Jim asked Frank. "Believe it? I almost don't. It's weird, I remember meeting Charlotte some months ago, our first date was actually at some fast food joint. I don't remember which one or care to, then when I brought her home, she gave me the greatest kiss I've ever gotten before and it seems like each one has been better than the last." Frank said. "Wow, you have memories of that all from a kiss?" Jim asked stunned. "Yeah, what about you? What memories do you have of yourself and Jessica?" Frank asked him. "Don't you mean my mom?" Jim asked him a little confused that he had used her first name. "Y-yeah that's what I meant to say." "Well we met after some movie we went to see ended and I remember shaking my head at how bad it was. She came over to me out of the blue and asked me if I thought it was awful too, to which I agreed. After that, we talked about things we shared in common with one another. Then I finally asked her out and we went to see a movie at the same place where we first met, it was also...where we shared our first kiss." Jim sighed as he suddenly recalled. "Oh boys, the movie's about to start!" Jessica and Charlotte called out to each other. "Coming!" Jim and Frank answered as they both went to catch up with the girls. "Frank, we've got to remember who these women really are." Jim said to his friend. "Right, I'll try but it's getting harder and harder to." Frank replied. So...

  1. Jim and Frank forget that these girls are their mothers
  2. Jim and Frank still remember that these girls are their mothers
  3. Their mothers slowly start to change back
  4. Something Else

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