Meet Felicity

Infinite AR - Episode 31742

Jim saw that she actually looked like a nerd. Frank's "date" had curly black hair, and wore glasses on her face. She didn't look like she had very much muscles on her body, and she was wearing a blue striped dress. "Jim, I'd like you to meet Felicity, my...girlfriend." Frank said almost hesitantly but smiled at her beauty. "It's nice to meet you Felicity, this is my girlfriend, Jessica." Jim said introducing Jessica to Felicity. "Wow that is a cute dress." Felicity complimented Jessica. They talked for alone for a few minutes discussing fashion and told the other about Jim and Frank. "I don't know if this sounds weird or not but...I'm starting to fall in love with Felicity." Frank told Jim. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Jessica seems like the perfect woman to me." Jim said to Frank. "Come on boys, the movie's about to start." Jessica said. Frank and Felicity went to their car while Jim and Jessica went to theirs and began to enjoy the movie. When the movie was playing...

  1. Jim accidentally changes some other people at the drive-in
  2. Jessica unintentionally changes some other people at the drive-in with Jim's device
  3. something else

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