Girlfriend Fusion

Infinite AR - Episode 31721

"Okay, this is going to be a little tricky, but I think I know how I can do this." Jim said. "Just do it before she starts to ask any questions." Sharon said. Jim used his device on Sharon first changing her age so she'd be the same age as Jessica, then he made her look identical to Jessica to the last detail, and when the new transformed Sharon bumped into Jessica, they fused together and Jim had only one girlfriend now. Memories of the time, Sharon and Jim had spent with each other were now the memories Jessica and Jim had spent together. Jim also realized that because he had done this, there was no way of getting Sharon back or even progressing his mom back to her normal age or else she would think herself to be an entirely different person. "So Jessica, how do you feel?" Jim asked. Jessica shook her head for a moment then looked at Jim. "Oh, I'm perfectly fine sweetie, just remembering all the good times we spent together these last few months." Jessica answered. "Hey, Jim!" Jim and Jessica looked up to see Frank and his 'date', which was actually his regressed mother, but the way the two acted you would never think that. "Jim, you remember Cheryl, don't you?" Frank introduced. "Of course I do, Jessica meet Cheryl." Jim said. Jessica and Cheryl talked for a little bit while Jim and Frank had their own discussion. "You actually did that?" Frank asked after hearing Jim's story. "Yeah so I can't really make her older again or else she'll think it's weird being my mom. What about you, you and Cheryl act a lot differently than how you would if she were older." "Jim, she is absolutely perfect. We actually have a lot of the same interests now that she's this age and we shared an awesome kiss not long ago before we got here." Frank stated. "Yeah actually so did Jessica and me." Jim confessed. "Oh boys, the movie's about to start." Jessica and Cheryl said to Jim and Frank. Both of them got into the car and started watching the movie together. As all four of them watched the movie together....

  1. Jim uses the device on a Father and Daughter
  2. Jim uses the device on a Mother and Son
  3. Jim and Frank get closer with their dates
  4. something else

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