Sharon steps in.

Infinite AR - Episode 31718

Jim saw it was his real girlfriend Sharon! "Jim," Sharon asked in a suspicious tone "who is this?" "I'm Jessica." Jim's mom replied "I'm his girlfriend. Who are you?" "Jessica," Jim asks nervously "can I talk with her alone for a minuet to straighten this out?" "Sure." Jessica replied. Jim then took Sharon aside, and explained the situation to her. "So let me get this straight Jim," Sharon asked "that girl is really your mom? You made her that way with your age-changing ray-gun, and now she thinks she's your girlfriend?" "Yes." Jim replied nervously "I'm sorry I didn't think this through a bit more." "It's fine." Sharon said "In fact, I know how you can make it up to me." "How?" asked Jim. Sharon replied with a smile ....

  1. .... "Make her your little sister, and you can take me on this date."
  2. .... "Put things back to normal, and you can take me out on this date."
  3. .... "Fuse me and your mom into one teen girl - my memories will combine with hers, and we'll be your girlfriend mom."
  4. .... "Make me a little girl so I can be with you, but let me keep my memories."
  5. .... "Make me your talking pet female dog, so I can be with you."

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