Frank and His Date

Infinite AR - Episode 31714

Jim turned around startled by the voice behind him. It was Frank, his friend had just arrived to see where Jim was. "Wow I hope I was not interrupting anything, Jimbo?" Frank asked. "No just me and my mot..I mean girlfriend Jessica. " Jim answered. Jim introduced Jessica to Frank and she asked where his date was. "Oh She just getting ready in the lady's room," Frank said. They walked back to the lady's room to find Frank's date when Frank pulled Jim aside. "Jim, my mom is acting weird, First she doesn't remember anything pasted her being 15 years old. Second she believes that we have always been dating and third she really affectionate," Frank told Jim. "I mean she was hold my arm the whole time over here and when we got in she started kissing me, like really making out with me," Frank said to Jim. "The weirdest thing of all is when we were kissing I was forgetting she was ever my mother and started to recall us date and kiss before this," Frank said. Jim remembered this feeling too when he was kissing Jessica, it was like reality fixing what Jim had changed. Just then Franks mother came out of the rest room and she looked like...

  1. She is a scrawny nerd
  2. She is a gorgeous hottie
  3. She is an amazon athlete
  4. she is a tomboy
  5. she is a goth chick

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