It worked, Jim. We've swapped ages!

Infinite AR - Episode 317

Joella lets Jim out of the machine. She's now a beautiful young woman in her early twenties and is dressed up in a white nurse's outfit.

She glances down at herself and explains,''It was the only thing up there that fit. And now we'd best find you some new clothes too.''

A small storage closet is nearby and she comes back with a big box of clothes.

How will your new mommy dress you, Jim?

  1. Like a little school boy with a big straw hat and a funny red bow tie
  2. Like a funny little cowboy kid wearing baggy old leather chaps and a big old cowboy hat
  3. Nothing fancy. Just dress Jim up like an ordinary little boy
  4. Don't dress me up yet, Joella. Change me into a girl first

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Cleo Kraft

11/16/2005 8:59:08 PM

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