And down to five you go, Jim

Infinite AR - Episode 314

There is an audible click as Jim inserts his age storage unit in the side of the black metallic machine and steps in through the oval hatch, ducking his head down a bit in the crampt little chamber.

The inner walls are black just like the exterior but are covered with cute little finger paintings all over. Little hands and hearts and indian heads made from hands pressed to the wall.

Jim doesn't get much time to reflect on the cute paintings as the machine knows just what to do. A glass paneled hatch swivels in place automatically and the machine hums to life.

The chamber fills with an eerie green glow and a funny little song plays from the speakers built into the walls. It's the alphabet song and it's being sung by youngsters maybe even five year old's like Jim was soon going to be.

The song is accompanied by a recording of maniacal laughter perhaps from one of the evil gangsters who ran this place. The combined effect of alphabet song and evil laugh added to the growing humiliation of the experience as Jim was rapidly being reduced right out of his adult years and into his teens, and soon encroaching near to pre-school or even younger if the machine didn't stop on time.

The transformation is complete though Jim's clothes did not transform with him.

The see through front panel remained locked from the outside which was intentional so that only an adult supervising the age reduction could let the new child out.

What happens next Jim?

  1. Joella comes back crying. She couldn't change back to an adult!
  2. Joella comes back as an adult now and lets you out
  3. Joella comes back as an adult and reduces your age even more!
  4. Jolla comes out as a baby, for some reason it made her younger not older

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