Leaving the Park

Infinite AR - Episode 31260

Melanie looked at the watch on her wrist and her eyes bugged out at what time it was. "Grace honey, come on we've got to get home. You've got school in the morning." Melanie said as she grabbed little Grace's hand and they went off to their car and drove home. Melanie had hid the remote device that had changed Courtney from her mom as she knew that anything Grace found on the ground in the park, she'd never let her keep it. Grace and Melanie arrived home in no time flat and grace got dressed and ready for bed. She decided to a little more testing with her new remote thing and aimed it at her old cat. "If this thing can make someone older...maybe it can make them younger too." Grace said to herself. She aimed the remote at the cat and soon it was reduced back to a kitten. "This is going to make a great show and tell project for school tomorrow." Grace declared to herself as she put the device on her dresser next to her bed and slept through the night. The next day, Grace got up and ready for school and took the age remote with her. As the day went on, Grace was eager to show her class her age remote. When it was finally Grace's turn she up into the front of the class excitedly. "For show and tell today, I brought this remote! It can make someone older or younger." Grace stated. Everyone in the class rolled their eyes at this. "It's true. I can show you, I just need someone to volunteer." Grace said.

  1. The teacher decides to play along and volunteer
  2. A boy classmate decides to volunteer
  3. A girl classmate decides to volunteer
  4. No one volunteers so Grace changes herself
  5. No one voulteers so Grace changes the entire class

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