From Mean Girls to Pretty Women

Infinite AR - Episode 31259

"I think I'll be okay now, Miss Courtney." Grace said to her former bully who was now a kind woman, about as old as Miss Myra but slightly heavier. "If you say so little Miss Grace." Courtney said to her as she kindly waved goodbye to Grace and went off looking happier than she had been before at 8 years old. "This thing made Courtney go from a mean girl into a nice lady. I bet it can make more mean girls like Courtney was into nice ladies." Grace deduced. She looked around and saw a brunette girl around 9 years old being dragged by her father while she was screaming her mouth off. "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE PARK, I WANT TO GET ICE CREAM!!! I WANT ICE CREAM!!" The brunette girl hollered. "You behave yourself Anita. You're lucky I am taking you to the park and not home with the way you're behaving." The father said to his daughter, Anita. "She needs be less whiny and more nice like my mommy." Grace said as she pointed the device at the girl. "I DO-" The girl, Anita, began to shout before Grace's new device aged her up from 9 years into 19 years then finally 29 years old. Her body changed as she aged including losing those puffy cheeks and her face slimming down. Her clothes almost ripped off her body before changing size. Then a little bump grew on her stomach and Grace thought at first she might become fat, but then realized that the now older Anita was pregnant. "I Don't know if I'm ready to be mother yet, Trevor." The Adult Anita said to her now husband. "You are Anita, you just don't think it, but I know it." Trevor said as he kissed his now wife on the lips. Grace then turned to the swing sets to see an Asian girl who looked 7 picking on a little black boy. "Cut it out Jenny!" The little black boy yelled for the little Asian girl, Jenny, to stop kicking sand in his face. "You can't make me Glenn." Jenny retorted and continued kicking sand in the boy's face. "She's a meanie...but not for long." Grace said to herself as she used the device on the Jenny girl. Jenny's transformation was a little different. First her hair grew out longer then went back up and into a bun. Then Jenny's face smoothed out and looked more womanly. Her body then grew to a more appropriate older age. Now instead of a 7 year old girl, there stood a 37 year old Asian woman. "Oh dear me. I'm so sorry for that. You see I used to be a mean little girl so long ago, but I always hated when I was like that." The older Jenny said to the still young Glenn. "That's okay Miss Jenny. I know it was just an accident." Glenn said as Jenny helped him up out of the sand. "Wow, it also changes the memories of other people too." Grace said amazed. "I guess I still remember it because I'm the one using it." Grace deduced. Grace also noticed a little blonde girl sitting next to a blonde teenaged girl. "I can't believe I was forced into babysitting you." The teen girl said. "Well mom said you got to. And we'll go where I want to go and you can't do anything about it." The little blonde girl said cruelly and stuck her tongue out at her older sister. "Whatever Sarah." The teen girl said. Grace thought the little sister looked to be around 10 years old and decided that she would become more heartfelt toward her sister if she were much older. Grace used her device once more on 10 year old Sarah and she progressed from a 10 year old bratty sister to a 18 year old twin sister into a 40 year old woman who actually looked quite successful at her age. "Okay mom, you're right, I guess I should at least try college." The teenaged sister now daughter said to her former sister now mother. "That's my girl. And trust me you'll love it, it did wonders for me with my job." 40 year old Sarah said as she gave her 'daughter' a hug. Grace smiled as she looked around, she had made a bunch of mean girls into nice ladies just as nice as her mommy. Her mother, Melanie was just approaching her now. "Are you ready to leave now Grace? Mommy's done talking to Miss Myra." Grace thought for a minute as to whether to show her mother the device, keep it a secret for herself, or just drop it on the ground.

  1. "Look what I found Mommy." Grace shows Melanie the device
  2. "I am Mommy." Grace doesn't show Melanie the device
  3. "I am Mommy." Grace leaves the device on the ground
  4. Something Else

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