Mothers who are Graced

Infinite AR - Episode 31257

Grace still had little tears left in her eyes as she looked up at Courtney whose hand she was holding. She was still amazed at what happened to Courtney when she pointed her strange new toy at her, she had gone from an 8 year old bully to a woman who looked slightly like her Auntie Myra but was a little heavier and a much kinder person to boot.

"There you are Melanie, I just found Gracie alone and crying a minute ago. I thought she might want to sit with you for a few minutes." The now very kindly Courtney said to Melanie speaking to her like an old friend.

"Oh, thanks Courtney. Did you want to stay and talk with us?" Melanie asked her.

"No thank you. I'm going to be late for my job at the hospital." Courtney said as she smiled and waved goodbye to Gracie.

"Mommy Melanie, how long have we known Miss Courtney?" Gracie asked her mother.

"Oh we've known her a very long time sweetie, and remember don't call me Melanie, just call me mommy." Melanie informed Gracie as she sat down on the bench next to her mother.

Melanie then went back to talking to one of the mothers she had been talking to before Gracie came over. Gracie looked at the woman and saw that she was pretty young for her age.

"I seriously can't stand it when people say that I'm way too young to take care of my baby. I don't care if I'm young, at least I'll have more time to spend with my baby." The woman said.

"Yeah, they wouldn't say things about you if you were about 15 years older." Melanie said to the woman.

Gracie then looked at the device in her hand and pointed it at the woman who her mom was talking to and held down on it, like she had with Courtney but not as long this time and when she let go of the button, the other mommy looked just a little younger than her own mother.

"Well it's taken five years but I'm glad I finally have my baby coming." The now slightly older mother said to Melanie.

"Oh, I'm so happy for you Nancy. You're gonna be a great mother." Melanie complimented.

Gracie smiled that her new toy not only worked but her mommy and the other mom, Nancy, hadn't noticed anything had changed about them, it seemed only Gracie had. Gracie was glad that she made another mommy happy and decided to do it on some more mommies.

Gracie noticed one mommy who was trying to walk her own older mommy. 'I bet that one mommy would like it if her mommy was little like me.' Gracie thought.

Gracie pointed her toy at the older lady and pressed the minus sign on the toy, Gracie was glad she remembered her math or she might've made the old lady too old. The elderly woman regressed from old to looking like her daughter to looking like her daughter's teenage daughter to her daughter's child and now instead of a mother walking with her elderly mother, she was now taking her 10 year old daughter to play in the park.

"I can't believe this!" Gracie heard one lady shout. Gracie turned around to see a mother with who she thought was her son in his late teens.

"Your father was supposed to be here to see you and he skips out. I don't know why I ever married him?" The mother said to her son.

"Well I don't care, I'm glad I didn't turn out like him in the least." The son said.

"Yeah, if I had met someone like you when I was younger, things would probably be very different." The mother said.

Gracie then decided to point her toy at the mom and made her young to at least her son's age and now the situation seemed to have changed to where instead of being a mother and son they were looking at each other lovingly.

"You are literally the best boyfriend ever." The now late teenage girl said to her former son.

"And you are the greatest woman I've ever met." The former son said as they leaned in and began to kiss.

"Gracie! Don't look at people when they're kissing it's rude." Melanie said as she picked up Gracie.

"Well, I guess we better get going Nancy, have a nice day." Melanie said goodbye to Nancy as she held Gracie who hid her age changing toy from her mommy.

  1. Melanie finds the strange toy
  2. Gracie accidentally drops the toy
  3. Gracie accidentally makes herself older
  4. Gracie accidentally makes her mother younger
  5. Melanie bumps the toy changing both her and Gracie

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