Kathryn's unknowingly device use

Infinite AR - Episode 30891

"Let's just see what she does with it first." Jim said as he and Wendy observed Katie, or Kathryn. Suddenly Jim's father came into the kitchen where Kathryn had gone and was a little shocked to see her there. "Is there something wrong, honey?" Kathryn said as she still held Jim's device in her hand. "Yeah, just who..." Jim's father began before Kathryn accidentally pressed the awareness button on Jim's remote making him believe that this woman had always been his wife. "Is this new woman in front of me?" Jim's father said teasingly. "Oh stop it you." Kathryn said as they kissed each other on the lips. "Gross." Jim said. "What's so gross about it? They're just kissing." Wendy said. "Just kissing? Doesn't that upset you?" Jim asked. "Well it would, if I were her age again and married." Wendy said. "But you are married." Jim said. "No I'm...not. To who?" Wendy asked. "To...to...huh, that's weird, why would I be saying that you are married?" Jim asked her. "Never mind that now. Let's just go out already, I don't want to be cooped up in your house all day." Wendy said. "Okay, but why was I upset with my mom before?" Jim asked. "I don't know something about your sister?" Wendy suggested. "But I don't have a sister." Jim stated. "Then I don't know, but you should probably get that thing back from your mom already." Wendy said. Neither of them knew that the longer someone's age was altered, the more they would believe that they were really that age. So Wendy believed she was 18 and Jim believed Katie or Kathryn was his mother.

  1. Jim asks his "mom" for the device back
  2. Jim doesn't ask for the device back and takes it without permission
  3. Something else

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