Playtime for Josie and David

Infinite AR - Episode 3088

"How about we test it on ourselves", stated Josie thinking about something.

"You want to be younger. The gun does not make someone older so we would be stuck.", explained David.

"Think about it Davey, no more Mrs. Anderson and the homework would be a breeze and we get to play more often.", smiled Josie thinking that she was clever.

"Never thought about it that way. I guess you're right. How young were you thinking?", asked David.

"Kindergarten, that way we can take naps and have more recess than we have now.", said Josie.

"okay", replied David, Josie was his best friend and all.

David and Josie stood infront of David's mirror on the closet door.

"Ready?", asked David pointing the gun at their reflections.

"Yep, fire away". said Josie.

David pulled the trigger and a nearly invisiable beam shot out and hit the mirror and bouced back and hit them. They both felt a tingle through out their bodies. They began to shrink. Their clothes were changing along with their ages. David's room was also changing to match it's owner's new age. But they did not realize that it was also affecting their minds as well, so they thought they were the ages they appeared. By now, they were just 7 years old. Josie was wearing a pink sundress, while David was now wearing a blue T-shirt and grey shorts.

"It's not working, we're still 7", said the second grade Josie.

"Let's try again", said David and pulled the trigger again.

This time they shrank even more. Josie's hair was now pulled into pigtails and her sundress got shorter, barely covering her childish panties. All their baby teeth returned as they re-entered kindergarten age.

"Davey what we playing?", asked little 5 year old Josie.

"Hmm don't know. May cops and robbers", answered David spying the gun in his hands.

"Okay, me the robber and come chase me", smiled Josie and she ran out of David's room and down the hallway.

David took off after her. He spied her hiding behind one of the chairs in the living room. He pulled the trigger while pointing the gun in her direction.

"Bang!", David loudly proclaimed.

They did not notice that Josie regressed another year into a 4 year old.

"Miss me, now gotta catch me", giggled Josie as she ran toward the kitchen.

David chased after her and pulled the trigger again. This time as Josie youthened, her toddler panties changed into training pants. Now Josie was 3 years old. An older woman appeared and picked up Josie as she ran by.

"Now Josie, what are you and David playing", asked Julie, David's mother.

Josie's training pants crinkled as Julie's hands cupped her bottom.

"Cop wobbers", smiled Josie.

David stood in front of his mother and looked up at where Josie was.

"Can me be cop now?", asked little Josie.

"David you let Josie play with the toy now, you have had your turn", stated Julie.

"Ahh mom, I like being cop", whinned David.

"What did we talk about sharing young man?", said Julie firmly.

"Oh okay", sighed David as his mom put Josie on the ground.

Josie grabbed the gun," Yeeppy me cop, you bad". She pulled the trigger before David could move.

David shrank back into a 4 year old. Now only a year older than Josie. He took off back toward the living room with Josie toddering after.

"where he go", thought Josie out loud. She heard some giggling behind the sofa.

She snuck around the corner and spotted David. She pulled the trigger again. David shrank even more and now was the same age as Josie. He was also now wearing trining pants.

"got wou", smiled Josie.

"nuh uh, wou miss", said David sticking our his tongue.

Josie frowned and pulled the triggger again. This time David turned into a 2 year old toddler. His shorts had dissappeared and he was wearing a diaper. Suddenly a smell came up from David' diaper.

"Miss wulie, davey made stinky", said Josie loudly.

"Coming" said Julie from the kitchen. "I guess my little man needs a changing. Josie, you better let me check you as well." she said as she put a finger into Josie's training pants, they were wet. "Both of you need a change, Josie try to let me know next time you need to pee pee".

"Me sorry, plwease no 'ell mommy", whimmpered Josie.

"It's okay sweety, you're still learning to be a big girl", smiled Julie as she patted Josie's hair.

Julie carried David to the nursery that is now David's room. Josie walked behind Julie. As Julie was cleaning up David, Josie decided to play with the gun some more and pulled the trigger while pointing at David and Julie. But there was a mirror behind them, so Josie was hit as well. David became a 1 year old, while his mother's change was not that visiable. Josie on the other hand, regressed into a 2 year old. Her pink sundress shortened to above her now wet diapers. Josie waited for her turn to get changed. She sat down on the floor and looked at the big gun in her now small hands. She accidently touch the trigger while it was pointed at herself. Her sundress disappeared and she was now only wearing a wet diaper, which was getting itchy. The baby girl started to whimper from the uncomfortable diaper. Juile had finished changing David and now went to change Josie.

"Now, now let me clean you up and you'll feel all better sweety", smiled Julie as she picked up Josie. "Now where did you get that toy, though I do not remember buying it for David, oh well", as she took the gun away from Josie and placed it on the floor.

She proceeded to clean up and change Josie's diaper. Josie stopped crying and started to suck on her thumb. Just as she had finished, the front doorbell rang.

"Your mommy is here to pick you up Josie", smiled Julie as she tickled Josie's bellybutton.

Julie carried Josie and David to the front door. When she opened it there was Heather, Josie's mother. Josie spotted her mommy.

"Mama", gurgled Josie with her arms out.

Julie handed Josie to Heather and they walked into the nursery.

"Heather you just got to look at the new crib Mark bought me.", smiled Julie as she placed David on the floor by some toys.

"That's adorable, where did he buy it at?", asked Heather as she also placed Josie on the floor by David.

  1. David chews on the gun and it goes off hitting him and Josie
  2. Josie bangs the gun on the ground, it hits everyone
  3. Josie chews on the gun and it hits Julie and Heather
  4. Julie puts the gun in the closet, many years later David finds it
  5. SE

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