Jim and Wendy decide to head out

Infinite AR - Episode 30868

"Uh, actually mom," Jim said feeling very weird calling his sister that. "Wendy and I were going to go for a nice walk." Jim said grasping Wendy's hand who in turn blushed a little bit. "Oh, I remember how your father used to do that with me. Okay, have a good time you too." Katie said to them as they went to the door. "Keep her on you Jimmy, she's a keeper." Katie said winking as she winked at her "son". "Mom." Jim said in an embarrassing tone. Jim and Wendy then shut the door behind them and left the house. "I thought she'd never let us leave." Jim said. "Me either. By the way, 'Jimmy', you can let go of my hand now." Wendy said as Jim quickly pulled his hand away and blushed a little. "So now what do we do now that we're out and you're young again?" Jim asked his young mother. Wendy thought for a moment and looked back at the house then herself. "I've got an idea, why don't we go around to my friends houses and do the same thing to them like you did to me and Katie?" Wendy suggested. "You mean make them 18 like you while their kids become middle age adults?" Jim asked. "Why not? They'll have a great time and best of all, once the kids are turned back they won't remember a thing, right? So do you want to do it or not?" Wendy asked. Jim thought about his young mother's suggested and Jim's answer was...

  1. Yes, let's do that
  2. No, I don't think we should do that
  3. Actually, I've got a better plan

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