Katie or Kathryn's House, her rules

Infinite AR - Episode 30867

"You bet I am." Wendy said as she looked over to Jim winking playing along with the change so Jim's new 'mom' wouldn't suspect anything odd. "Oh Jim, please don't tell me you were showing her one of your silly old toys from when you were in elementary school." Kathryn said. "What?" Jim asked, not really knowing what she was referring to. "This." Kathryn said as she took the age-changing remote away from Jim. "But-But-But mom..." Jim said almost as if he'd had an argument like this before. "No buts Jim, my house, my rules." Katie or Kathryn said as she left the room. "Should we get it back from her?" Wendy asked Jim. Jim answered...

  1. "Yes." Jim and Wendy went to get it back from Kathryn
  2. "No." Jim and Wendy decided to go somewhere and let Kathryn keep the remote
  3. "Let's see what she does with it." Jim said as he and Wendy see what Kathryn actually does with the device
  4. Something else

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11/13/2013 7:59:38 AM

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