Wendy, Jim's Girlfriend

Infinite AR - Episode 30866

"I'd love to." Wendy answered and she then kissed Jim on the cheek. "Great. I'll set the table for one more then." Katie said as she left Jim and Wendy alone. "That was some great acting mom." Wendy grew a confused look. "Mom? What the heck are you talking about I don't look the least bit like your mom." Wendy said. "Oh come on, you can stop the charade. Katie's gone now and our plan worked out perfectly." "Jim, honey, you're kind of starting to worry me." Wendy said. "Uh, okay can you answer me something?" "Alright, go ahead." "Tell me what exactly happened the past five minutes." "Your mom knocked on the door while we were making out and wanted to know if I was staying for dinner." Wendy said. "And do you know what this device is in my hand?" Jim asked her showing her the device. "Of course sweetie, that's your age changing device. But you haven't really shown me anything that proves it works." Wendy said. "Well I kind of did. I used the device on you to make you younger than you actually are. You're actually my 18 year old mother and Katie is actually my little sister who's been turned to your original age of 43." Jim explained. "Hah! Jim you can make up some crazy stories sometimes but me being your mom?! Come on, not even a toddler would believe that." Wendy laughed off Jim's story as nonsense. "I suppose then that reality has changed so that you are actually my girlfriend and Katie is my mom and both of you really believe it." Jim theorized. "Well come on, we don't want to keep your mom waiting sweetie." Wendy said to Jim as she kissed him on the cheek and left the room. "I guess I'm the only one who remembers any changes that happen if I use this thing. Maybe I should just progress Wendy and myself to 43, then we'd both be married. But then again, I just changed Wendy into a teenager not long ago. I suppose I can just change someone else while me and Wendy are out. Plus I do walking around with such a cute girl like her. Wait, wait, I have to remember this: Wendy is my mom not really my girlfriend, Katie is my little sister not really my mom." Jim realized that the device was corrupting his mind as well and he struggled to remember who was who until finally...

  1. Jim remembers the changes he made
  2. Jim forgets the changes he made

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