Jim's "Girlfriend"

Infinite AR - Episode 30865

"Oh, I'd love to." Wendy said to her now grown daughter who now believed herself to be Jim's mother. Jim was a little scared that his mom now actually thought herself to be his girlfriend but Wendy turned back to Jim and winked at him to let him know she still remembered everything. "Good, then I'll set an extra plate for dinner," Katie said as she began to close the door. "I'll let you two get back to whatever it was you were doing." Katie giggled as she closed the door. Jim took a sigh of relief when she finally closed the door. "Can you believe that? She actually thinks we're a couple." Wendy said with astonishment. "Well she should, that's what her new memories make believe." Jim explained. "Huh. So that device of yours can work on anyone else?" Wendy asked. "Pretty much yeah, no one is immune to its changes." Jim told her. "Well I'm not sure if I like little Katie, I mean your 'mom'," Wendy said with a little chuckle still thinking it was a little funny to call someone else Jim's mom. "Thinking that we're boyfriend and girlfriend." Wendy stated. "Well what would you propose I do?" Jim asked. "Propose? Wait a minute, that's a great idea!" Wendy realized snapping her fingers. "I'm still in the dark here." Jim said with confusion. "It's simple, what if instead of me and you being boyfriend and girlfriend, you and Katie were husband and wife?" Wendy asked. "What? But mom, I," "That's Wendy. I'm WAY too young for you to call me mom." Wendy reminded him. "Look, I know you don't really feel comfortable with Katie thinking we're boyfriend and girlfriend but I don't plan on you being this young forever." Jim reminded her. "Well look, how about this: I'll make you old enough for you to be Katie's husband and when I'll change us both back to normal when I've had my fun. What do you say to that?" Wendy asked holding out her hand for Jim to shake it. Jim...

  1. Shook Wendy's hand and agreed
  2. Didn't shake Wendy's hand
  3. Jim thought of something else
  4. Something Else happens

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