Sister To Mother

Infinite AR - Episode 30855

"I can't believe I'm this young again!" Wendy, Jim's mother, said looking in the mirror. "But what about work around the house? If I'm young and out having a good time who will take care of things here? You still need a mother after all." "I'll just zap Katie to your previous age. With the reality change setting it will be like she always has been, and we can just change things back later." Jim replied "And she will be safe? We will fix her later?" Wendy questioned with mild concern "Of course. As far as she and the world will be concerned she will have always been my mother instead of you. Then we can just zap her to her normal age and you to yours and things will be fine." Jim reassured her "If you say so, I trust you." Wendy said "Great. I'll get Katie" Jim said "Katie can you come here for a second?" he yelled down the hall. Moments later his little sister was in his room. "What is it? Hey who is sh-?" Katie began just as Jim zapped her making sure the reality switch was on. Jim and Wendy watched as Katie quickly left her teens behind and entered her twenties. Her breasts rose and grew to a large firm C-cup. Her waist cinched in as she lost the last remains of baby-fat. Her long hair styled itself into a shorter professional cut. Katie grew a pronounced booty that strained against jeans meant for a teen. Her hips widened in expectation of having children giving her a nice hourglass figure. High cheek bones and smooth skin completed her mature look as stylish frames became perched on her nose. As Wendy and Jim watched the beauty continue to age they witnessed the effect of time caught up with her. By the time Katie had reached her former mother's age of 43 she was still attractive, but in a more mature way. She had gained a bit of a paunch that circled her stomach, leftover pregnancy weight from her time carrying Jim. Her breasts had entered the low D-cup range and showed light drooping expected of women her age. Katie had acquired a slight pear shape as it appeared weight naturally accumulated on her hips, butt and thighs. Behind her glasses Jim and Wendy could make out the light bags and wrinkles that had appeared on her face and under her eyes. Her brunette hair fell to touch just the top of her shoulders. Her clothes changed to a blue button- down blouse over a white shirt with a pair of black yoga pants. Katie had aged well and Jim had to admit he hadn't expected her to become a MILF. "-e staying for dinner?" Katie continued as if nothing had happened. "I'm sorry mom,could you repeat that?" Jim answered "I asked you if your girlfriend is staying over for dinner tonight? You know you are more than welcome to anytime Wendy. It feels like you are already family most of the time. I just want to know if I need to set another plate." Katie responded Jim was surprised by the outcome. He hadn't expected the change to make Wendy his girlfriend. He had assumed Katie would view her as his sister. Not sure what to say he turned to Wendy for help.

  1. "I'd love to" Wendy is just playing along
  2. "I'd love to" Wendy thinks the new reality is normal
  3. Katie notices the device in Jim's hand and takes it from him
  4. Jim and Wendy go somewhere else to use the device
  5. Something Else
  6. Wendy swipes the device and changes Jim

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