Jim's turn at 18

Infinite AR - Episode 30853

Jim used the device on himself now and he became 18 years old just like his now younger mother. "This is great, now what should we do?" Jim asked. "Why don't you let me decided with that thing?" Jim's mother suggested pointing to the device. "No way, I don't think anyone else but me should really use this. It's a little dangerous." Jim warned her. "Come on, just let me see it." Jim's mother said trying to grab it from Jim, who held it back from her. While struggling to take the device from one another, they accidentally hit the...

  1. Age Progression button and were now older
  2. Age Regression button and were now younger
  3. Mental Regression button and now their minds matched their bodies
  4. Another button

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11/12/2013 1:32:47 PM

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