josh tells tracy about the fountain

Infinite AR - Episode 30730

"Tracy! I remember now! I made a wish in the fountain at the mall before I got younger!" Josh shouted. "We have to go now then!" She panicked. Unable to fit into her pants or underwear, Tracy just grabbed her oversized shirt and put it on. She picked josh up, who was still wearing nothing, and ran out of the bathroom with him. "Linda, I'll be back in a while!" She shouted up the stairs as they went outside. Tracy ran to her car and placed josh in the backseat and put herself in the drivers seat. "Tracy! How are we gonna make it to the mall if you don't have your license!?" Josh asked. "It doesn't matter! If we don't do it now, we're going to keep getting younger!" She screamed at him. She adjusted her seat so her feet could reach the pedals.

  1. they get pulled over on the way there
  2. they make it to the mall
  3. they get in an accident
  4. something else happens

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