1950s style today

Infinite AR - Episode 30490

Jim changed his whole neighborhood's fashion sense into that of the 1950s. They noticed the radical change immediately. One black woman was arguing with her husband about how he never bothered to try and look for a job. When the remote changed them, so did their personalities. "Have a wonderful day at the TV station dear." The wife said now dressed in cleaning clothes and wearing an apron. Her husband now had on a firm pressed suit and waved his wife goodbye. One girl didn't like that she had a beat up old car, but when the ray hit her, her fashion sense, personality, and car changed. "I so love my new car." The girl giggled as she jumped in it and headed off to a friend's house. The rest of the neighborhood was now changed for the better. "I love it when you do good for others." Katie said as she kissed Jim on the cheek and they headed home. Now....

  1. Skip to later that night with Rika coming over to hang out with Katie
  2. See what Wendy, Dani, George, and Pete are up to
  3. Jim and Katie decide that their life is perfect the way it is and mail the device away
  4. Something else

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10/24/2013 4:48:31 PM

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