Mother into Daughter, Daughter into Mother

Infinite AR - Episode 30173

Jim looked back at the mother who was close in age to his wife Katie, or Kate's age. She was still arguing with her daughter about a toy and trying not to make a scene. "Hey hon, I'll be right back, I've got to use the restroom." Jim said so as to not let Rika know about their device. Jim was thankful for Rika having introduced Katie to him back in college. It almost seemed like yesterday that they were in college together. Of course, Jim, Katie, and Rika's memories as well as several people who were close to them had their memories altered due to Jim's device, it wasn't his fault, he just didn't know about it or frankly care. He was happy with his life the way it was with himself, his wife Kate, and their teenaged daughter Wendy who was sometimes too much to handle. As Jim headed to the restroom he sneakily used his age device to age the 8 or 9 year old girl into a 17 year old. Not much had changed aside from the fact that instead of a toy, the girl now wanted a new phone. "But mom, all my friends have one. Wendy and Dani got their new phones for Christmas last year!" The now teenaged girl whined. Jim was surprised to hear that this girl actually knew Wendy and her friend Dani. Before he went into the bathroom, he used the device again this time on the mother and regressed her into a teenager. "OMG, did you hear about Wendy and Dani, they're like totally dating now." The now teenaged mother said to her teenage daughter who was likely her best friend now. They got on their phones and did whatever it was teenagers do with their phones. After Jim used the restroom he went back outside to see them staring at young boys in the mall and likely gossiping about anyone. Jim couldn't take much more of all this teenaged girl stuff and used his device on the teenaged mother and regressed her so far back that her daughter was now pregnant with her. But Jim knew it wasn't right for a girl so young to be pregnant so he aged the former daughter to her former mother's age. She looked like she was prepared any day for her baby. The girl looked up and saw Jim as he hid the device away from sight. "Jim? Oh my gosh, Jim is that really you? It's been so long, are Katie and Rika here too?" The young woman asked. Jim's mind suddenly flooded with memories of this girl being a friend of his wife's in College along with Rika. "Uh...yeah, Nita, she's right over there with Rika chatting." Jim said pointing to their table. The woman went over to the table and all three of them were overjoyed at their reunion. Jim was happy his wife had reunited with her college friends and went back to the table.

  1. It's girls night for Katie, Rika, and Nita
  2. Jim and Katie go do something else
  3. Wendy, Dani, and their boyfriends
  4. Jim ponders what to do with his device
  5. Something Else

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