Another Era for the Area

Infinite AR - Episode 30172

"Hey, honey, maybe we should head back home now." Jim suggested to his wife. Katie looked at her watch and agreed. "I'll see you later Ri!" Katie said as she waved goodbye to her friend. Jim and Katie soon found themselves in their car and they left the mall and headed home. "It'll be fun to have Ri come by later." Katie said delighted. "Yeah, just wish some of our neighbors weren't so trashy." Jim stated. Jim and Katie looked at the houses around saw they didn't keep their lawns mowed, most of their trash was left outside, and no one seemed to dress nicely. "Well maybe we can 'change' that." Jim said holding up the device and winking to his wife. She giggled at his little pun. Jim then parked their car in a spot where they would hit all the houses in the neighborhood and he changed all his neighbors sense of style to....

  1. 1940s style
  2. 1950s style
  3. 1980s style

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10/24/2013 4:40:05 PM

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