Making More Friends for a Daughter

Infinite AR - Episode 30171

"I'll definitely see you later tonight Ri, right now Jim and I should probably go check on Wendy." Katie said to her "old friend". "You do that, and Jim I hope Katie hasn't had to remind you of something special coming up for Wendy." Rika jokingly said to Jim who grew a joking smile then motioned for him and Katie to leave. "See you later." Katie waved. Rika waved back and the two had gotten some distance before Jim and Katie were able to talk privately. "Please tell me you didn't forget about our daughter's birthday already." Katie insisted with her arms crossed. "It....kind of slipped my mind." Jim said with an innocent smile. "Oh Jimmy. I'm not mad at you but Wendy has few friends as it is and I do want to do something special for her this year, but what?" Katie asked Jim. Jim and Katie then went to see where Wendy, Dani, George, and Pete had gone and found them near a smoothie stand that wasn't far away from a play area in the mall for little kids where their parents sat. "We could always make more friends for her to invite and there's plenty of new friends for her down there." Jim pointed out. "Well okay, but remember to use the device so that no one will be suspicious of the change." Katie reminded her husband. Jim nodded and used the device to....

  1. Change the little Children playing into Teenagers
  2. Change the Adults watching their children into Teenagers
  3. Change half of the Adults and Children into Teenagers
  4. Use it on someone else for Wendy's upcoming birthday

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