Mommy and Mommy's little girl need some help

Infinite AR - Episode 30056

"Jim look at that little girl over there whining to her mother." Katie said making her husband's view towards where his wife's view was. Jim looked to see a little girl whining to her mom about some kind of toy she wanted to get but the mom was repeatedly telling her she couldn't afford it right now. "Aren't you glad Wendy's not like that anymore?" Jim asked. "Oh, tell me about it. She wanted a new doll practically every other weekend." Katie remembered. Jim pointed his device at the mother and daughter and used it to make them...

  1. The Mother and Daughter are now Adult Sisters
  2. The Mother and Daughter are now Teen Sisters
  3. The Mother and Daughter are now Kid Sisters
  4. The Mother and Daughter are now Adult Friends
  5. More Choices

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