Being a good neighbor

Infinite AR - Episode 30052

"Jim, do you see that boy over there?" Katie asked her husband who promptly looked over at the 13 year-old. "What about him?" "Well look at who he's eying." Katie said directing Jim's attention over to Myra. "Isn't that Myra?" Jim asked looking carefully at the woman. "It is indeed. I've always felt a little bad for her that she hasn't found the right guy at her age." Katie said to Jim. "I think we can 'change' that." Jim said with a wink which made his wife giggle. She was happy her husband had made this device, it was just the thing to help their friends and other people out. Jim aimed his device at the 13 year-old boy who grew from a middle school age to high school age, then past college and into adulthood. Jim stopped progressing him at around 38 years-old. He didn't want the guy to be too old for Myra to be uninterested or too young for Myra to not want to date him. The now 38 year-old man walked up to Myra's table. "Hi, your table was looking a little empty, so I thought I'd come over and fill it up. My name's Richard by the way, what's your name?" The man, Richard, asked Myra. "Names Myra." Myra introduced herself while blushing a little. The two of them continued to talk while Katie bent over to Jim and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Good job my little cupid." Katie thanked. Now Jim and Katie....

  1. Shifted their attention back to the families created by the device
  2. Katie asks Jim to change the cashier
  3. Katie asks Jim to do something about the mother and daughter
  4. Something Else

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