Baby brother

Infinite AR - Episode 29945

- Bye-bye Jim! And hello Jimmy boy!

This was the last worlds what he heard from Katie before his mind started do fall apart. Everything changed, his memories his behave and his emotions. It was a like a terrible headache. All his memories was rewritten by one button push.

His new pictures came from the begginning. He saw when he learn to walk, ride on a bike, first day of daycare, first day in preschool his 7th birthday party when he first touch a girl's hand. All the happy and all the scare moments in his past 10 years. But one thing was common inall memory. His sister who was there from the beginning. Always help him taking care of him She was everywhere in his important points. He remember she always play with him read a book at night give a goodnight kiss. She also let him to sit in her neck. Sharon's position change too she was no longer a girlfriend. She is the best friend of Katie since they met in 1st grade. She is a very attractive girl and Jim always liked her especially when she babysit him. He thought that someday maybe they will be a couple but he remember that Katie always said Sharon only dates with mans not cute little boys like him.

- Katie! I need your help over here! - her mom yelled

- Wait here Sharon! I will be back in a minute.

- Sure! Me and my little prince wait here.

This was Jim's last chance to do something while Sharon sit down next to him on the ground.

- So you are really a naughty boy am I right Jimmy?

- Yea... I mean please Sharon! You have to remember down there in your memories! Are you sure that thing really happend to you? As we sat in my room and play?

- We always play with your toys I remmeber that!

- No we done other things like like... I dont remember...

- Like kissing?

- YES! I'm sure we done that.

- You know what... I-I remember something... You held my hand... With your other hand you was petting my breast...

- I I don't know. What is that?

She crushed her chest to give a great view to Jim.

- So that's what it called!

- And than you give me a big kiss.

- To your face?

- No. It was a grown up kiss. With your tongue.

- Really? We did this?

- Maybe if you kiss me now all my memories will come back! Can you do that?

- I think so...

Sharon closed her eyes and nod his head down to Jim. "Her lips are so plump! What are we going to do? And why are we going to do this? I can't remember. Come on Jim you can do this!" Jim thought and closed his eye and open his little mouth. He was ready for Sharons big kiss and tongue but he only feel a soft finger on his mouth.

- You are soooo naiv when your teenage hormones get you!

Sharon give him a kiss on his forehead after that.

- Jimmy! What are you doing with Sharon? Are you tring to get a big boy kiss? I told you that don't play with her! She is big girl and you are too young for these thigs yet! - this was Jim's mom with her side of Katie. When all the memories of Jim was completely rewritten he can only think aboute her mother.

- Mooom!

He run to his mother who pick him up and hug him.

- Katie and Sharon doesn't want to play with me! They are jus making me feel funny!

- Honey, they are grown ups the cant and wont play with you everytime. They have other things to do! I'm sorry about Jimmy, Sharon!

- Don't sorry Mrs. Smith! He is so cute when he ask about grown up things and about girls! He is very intrested in this age.

- I didn't exetly know why but you are right.

- But Jimmy still loves me right sweetheart?

- No!

- Is that so? Okay that i dont have to come and meet with you anymore?

- No!

- Now what?

- Sharooon! Don't go please!

Sharon hug hug Jimmy and ask him: - You wanna go play before my boyfriend arrive here for me?

- YES.

- Than race to the house! 3..2..1.. GO

- Don't cheat! - said Jimmy

On Katie's face there was a satisfied expression. She was now the older one She got a hot body she humiliated Jim she take his girlfriend and fool everybody around him and not at least she fooled him too.

Katie's thoughts was now somewhere else. She can do anything. Getting boys having sex boss around his little brother and many more. She got Jim's pretty device. "At least he done something usefull." she thought. Than she jumped into Jim's car and headed the way to the plaza to buy some sexy clothes.

  1. The end.

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