Losing a girlfirend, getting a babysitter

Infinite AR - Episode 29920

- You know what Ronni? I got better plans for you! Both kid was terrifed and sccared aboute Katie's new plan.

- I'm sure you will like it too Jimmy! Jim didn't understand what Katie mean by that but after 3-4 pushed buttons she pionted to Sharon and shot the gun. Jim was happy to see that Sharon started growing again. But when she reaxhed her normal age and the growing didn't stopped he know that the consequences will be bad. When she was 16 she just started to be more feminine but when the years passed she become more and more mature. Her clothes wasing big anymore it was the opposite. They were all tight while her 16 years old A cup breast swollen into a D cup miracle. Her whole body gone trought a massive transform so when she reached Katie's currect age she was a 6,16 feet tall long legged, black haired (what reach her hip) fully-equipped bombshell.

- Aww.. these feelings.. ohhh - she touched her boobs- all my body is tingl this is amazing! Nothing ever felt so good. Not even You Jim, sorry!

Both girl were laughing but Jim didn't understand what Sharon mean by that. "I never touched her at her ballons. She must be talking about when I tickle her at the playground." He thought with his 10 years old mind.

- But why are you did this to me? It wont change anything you must turn back Jim!

- And what about you? You want to change back to your undeveloped 16 self?

- Well no but this...

- Are you remember... -and with that Katie push a button on the device- your little boobs at age 16? how nobody want to see you? Everybody called you a little brat.

"What is she doing?" asked Jim himself.

- All the boys avoided you. But after your 17's birthday "What?" we hit the clubs together and you find that cute boy. What was his name?

- Rodney. A straight answer came from Sharon. Jim was shocked! "Who is that guy? But she didn't even reached 17. OH MY GOD! She is using the mental change on her like she did it with me before!"

- Yes Rodney! He was a good kisser! Oh the first kiss it was so romantic! I can't belive we are together for 8 years! - she laught- we were kids!

- Yeah! And do you remember when we were 21? The summer camp and the festival?

- Hah! I do! We were the hottest chicks in the crowd.

- Yeah totally! And what happend there back in the tent, huh? Katie look at Jim under the question and smile.

- Well you know that i drank so much vodka that night! And i did what Rodney want.

- And what he wanted? Jim was now curious too.

- He lead me into the tent and suck his little friend. It was so big and he cant hold it so i had to swallow it. But for compensate he take me to the apex of the orgasm. He did me so bad! He was so deep in me and my nippels was so sensitive that...

Than she turn her head to Jim who was in complete shock. He didn't know becouse that his former girlfriend's mind was full with things what didn't happend or becouse of what he just heard.

He didn't even know the meaning most of the world what Sharon said. He has some misty memory about Sharon and him doing something ih his room and he know he has to remember it but something always block his mind and he can only imagine Sharon with full clothes on. The only thing what remains now is that they were a couple and the first kiss.

- Oh I shouldn't talk dirty like this before your little brother, I'm sorry Jimmy!

- Don't bother! He is way too young to understand a world of what you are saying. Am i right little pumpkin?

- Sharon you must remember! You are not 25 you those memories are lies! You are 16 and you are my girlfriend and Katie is jus 13 She did this with that device.

- Isn't he cute? He thinks that im his girlfriend! I know that we pretend this when I babysit you and take you out to the playground but i have got a boyfriend who can give me what a woman needs.

- I can give you too!

- Honey, toy cars arent the best for me! Then Jim remember something what Sharon said and it was familiar to him.

- I can DO you! There was a moment silence before the girl started to laugh so badly.

- With what? -asked Sharon between 2 laugh.

- With this! - he pointed to his manhood. Another wave of laught.

- It would tickle my tongue!

- I bet he was jerk off while watching one of your picture. Said Katie while she push a button.

- Is that so? Come on Jimmy you can tell me I'm not gonna be mad. Than in Jim's mind new pictures started to form. He remember Katie leave hes Facebook on so he can find pictures about Sharon and Katie. It was pictures from their common holyday in Spain. They were 4. The two girls and they boyfriends. Sharon almost on every pitcure was kissing her boyfriend. On that photo Sharon was in a blue tank top and her package was almost uncovered. But he also find a pic about her in bikini. This was the closest moment when he can saw a woman almost nude. He also remember that he touched his manhood and it was a strange feeling when it became big and massive.

- Once when i found a picture of you on the internet I touched myself. - Aaand..? How was it?

- My thing become bigger and tough.

- And what was after that?

- Nothing.

- I bet nothing. Sharon was nodding.

And that's it Sharon didn't remember him as a boyfriend or as a man. Now Jim was kid and Sharon was Katie's best friend and sometimes Jim' babysitter.

- Now let's finish this once and for all said Katie and she was ready to use the device one more time...

  1. Make Jim complete his little brother
  2. Make Jim Sharon's little brother
  3. Make Jim Sharon's son
  4. Jim Comeback

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