Not so big girlfriend

Infinite AR - Episode 29812

- Hey what is going o here? Who are you two? And where is Jim?

Jim turn around and saw Sharon. His girlfirend was there. He forget that he ask her to visit him that day. She was a beautiful 16 years old girl with a A Cup sized breast and 5,3 feet high. She wasn't so developed for her age but se was pretty enought for Jim.

- Ah just in time! -said Katie.

- For what? and by the way who are you and what are you doing at Jim's home with a little boy? Are you some of his friend?

- Oh sorry I forget that you won't recognize me. It's me Katie!

- Katie? You gotta be kidding me! She is just 13 years old! You must be at least twice her age! What the next thing you will say me that this boy here is Jim or what?

- Yepp he is. Just ask him. I think he will remember for you from primary school! -she giggled.

- No way! Jim? Is that really you?

- She said the true! Sharon it is me! You gotta help me! I made a device what can change a person's age and mind! She did it to herself than me!

- What? She got the thing what you have been working on for 2 years? How the hell?

- Doesn't matter! Just take it away from her before she do something... Jim's santence was over when he saw that Sharon started to shrinking. In a minute she was the same age as Jim.

- What's happend? Why are all my clothes big?

Her change was fast. Her little breast disappear in a second and she lost every sign what reminds her a teeneger girl. She was now a 10 years old girl with a little babyfat on her face.

- You! Stupid! Turn us back now! You mean Lady!

- Haha! Thats just great! Our parents like you just like her unborn daughter. For years i was treated like the stupid littler sister! Now it's time for a change! So beahve yourselfs kids or you will be more younger!

- You gonna regret this Kate!

- It is Aunt Kate for you now!

- I will call you whatever i want you big stupid mor...

SLAP! Kate give Jim a huge slap.

- What did you say? ANSWER ME YOU LITTLE BRAT!

Jim stand up from the ground while he touched his red face. He was almast cring.

- Nothing.

- Nothing what?

- Nothing Aunt Kate.

- Thats better! And what else kids do Ronni?

- Obey grown ups!

- Very good Ronni! You are a fast learner!

Now the next thing what i will do is...

  1. Give Sharon a present for her good answer.
  2. Clear Sharon and Jim memory.
  3. Reward for Sharon?

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