What are those Ballons?

Infinite AR - Episode 29808

- Let me give you a demonstration! If i'm correct you hardly remember your last 3 year right bro?

- I remember everything!

- Really? Than tell me when did you start developing this machine? Or what is it purpose?

- I..I.. You cant make me.. You can't tell me what to remember!

- Oh Yes i can! And i will make you!

She pointed the device at Jim and said: -You know what is this two good for? Her finger point at her boobs.

- You really want to touch one of these huh? Becouse you never saw what is under the bra. You never ever touched a breast. You never saw a woman naked. You didn't even know why would you interested seeing a girl naked. Am I riht Jimmy? -than she pushed one button on the device.

Jim's mind was confused. He wanted to resist Katie's wolrd but it was no use. He tried to remember the lots of videos and what he saw in it about big girls and big boys doing... something. What they did? Mom always said they make happy each other.But she also said that it's not my buisness at my age. "No" Jim try to resist.. "There must be something else." He looked up to Katie and watched her breasts. They were big. He wanted to touch them but he didn't know why. "What are those anyway?" asked himself. He know that he must have seen similiar but he only could picture her mom's and Katie's friend's but they always cover it with a thing called bra.

He also remember that he used to peek Missi the big girl who lives next to them. He dont know why he is so eager to saw her naked He never saw something like those naked.

- Whats the matter? Forget something? - asked Katie with a loud laugh.

- You can't take my life! I'm a grown up I should know what are those ballons on your chest!

- Well you are just a kid now. She push the device and Jim turned into a 10 years old boy.

- Aww.. How cute you are! Now let's fix this "brother-sister" problem.

  1. Jim's girlfirend shows up.
  2. Katie changes Jim's memory completly.
  3. Regress Jim More

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9/15/2013 5:00:39 PM

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