Older Jim

Infinite AR - Episode 29800

Jim progressed in age and body and Katie was loving every minute of it. She had always had an odd sort of crush on her big brother. When it was over, Katie looked at Jim and her eyes nearly came out of her body looking at how gorgeous she thought Jim looked now. "Katie, I'm warning you, you better give me that device back now!" Jim demanded in a slightly older voice. "Why don't you come down and take it from me?" Katie mockingly said. Jim rolled his eyes and came down then into the back. "Okay Katie now you..." Jim was cut off as Katie leaped onto Jim and began kissing him right on the lips. Jim instinctively pulled her away and she still looked at him and smiled a little too lovingly at him. Now....

  1. Jim tries to take the device back from Katie
  2. Katie alters Jim's memories
  3. Their parents suddenly show up
  4. Something Else

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2/19/2014 7:56:29 AM

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