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Infinite AR - Episode 29798

Jim was tingled all over his body when the beam hit him.

- Well this will be fun! - Katie said.

- What are you doing to me? -scream Jim in a high voice.

-Stop it! He transform younger and younger he felt that his clothes doesn't fit anymore. His arm and legs getting smaller and smaller while Katie seems more tall second by second. Even his manhood adapted to his new teenage body. When it stopped he was 13 years old. Katie was now 12 years older than him. But he felt something else too. His mind change too he cant remember the things what he experienced in the last 3 years. All his memory, all his experience it was gone. He can't even remember how he developed the device.

When he looked at Katie his teen emotions got him.

- You! Change me back NOW!

- Aww... a little brother shouldn't yell with his big sister.

- You are not my BIG sister! You are the one who is the younger! You can't walk around with this body everybody will ask what happend with you! Sharon will search for me!

- Oh, but i was planning to keep this body and i will not give up on my resolution. And don't worry about the others. I will handle everything...

  1. They go into the house to meet with their parents.
  2. Use the device to change Jim's memory.
  3. Use the device on a random people on the street.

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