Myra just can't see it working out

Infinite AR - Episode 29734

"Actually Jim, would you excuse me for a moment, I need to go do something." Myra asked her 'husband'. "Sure, we'll be waiting here." Jim said as he held his former wife, now 6 year-old half black daughter. Myra went over to some restrooms that were close by and looked at Jim and Katie. 'Jim is my husband now and Katie is supposed to be my youngest daughter, then Wendy would be my oldest daughter. It all sounds too good to be true.' Myra thought to herself with a smile. She then looked at Jim and Katie again, but this time her smile became a frown. 'And yet, I still remember when they first met. Wait, Oh my gosh, I was the one that introduced them to each other in the first place.' Myra thought thinking back to years ago when she introduced the two of them to each other when she was having a neighborhood barbecue in her backyard. 'I can still recall that they had an instant click with each other too. Worst of all, Katie asked me to be her maid of honor at their wedding.' Myra thought again to herself. 'I just can't go through with it. Not with them. They've been my best friends for years, and I certainly can't do this to them.' Myra realized feeling incredibly guilty. She then slowly approached Jim and little Katie from behind without making them aware she was coming. Myra used the device on Katie again to progress her from a 6 year old girl back to a 38 year-old woman. Myra also made sure she changed Katie's skin color back to white as she had been before. The two of them turned around and saw Myra. "Oh, there you are Myra." Jim said. "We wondered where you'd gone. We thought you might not want to come." Katie said. "Come to what?" Myra asked as she hid the age device behind her back. "Our barbecue in a few days. We wanted to throw it in celebration for you." Jim answered. "For me?" Myra asked sounding shocked. "Well yes, if it hadn't been for you, Jim and I might never have met." Katie replied. Myra looked like she was about to cry and gave the two of them a hug. "I'm so glad you two have each other." Myra said as she hugged them. "It wouldn't have been possible without you." Katie said. Jim and Katie then went off looking for Wendy, it was getting late. Myra smiled at the two of them. Jim might not be her husband, but he couldn't have picked a better woman than Katie.

  1. Myra decided to use the device on someone else at the park
  2. Myra decided to go home and get ready for the barbecue the next day
  3. The next day at the barbecue
  4. Something else

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